Oooooh hello !!! I dont go to Paris all that often but here are a few nice places I know –  The … | Adrienne's Pins

Oooooh hello !!! I dont go to Paris all that often but here are a few nice places I know –  The …

Oooooh hello !!! I dont go to Paris all that often but here are a few nice places I know –  The Quais de Seine at night are awesome. Go there, grab a pint and a couple friend, stare at the seine as its illuminated by street lights and wave at the boats passing by. Its very animated there at night, theres mostly a ton of young people sitting there, dancing, laughing, drinking, having fun with friends, you can just join a party, chat up people, etc. I love it.  Museum wise, theres of course the Louvre but also the Centre Pompidou or the Musée de la photographie.  The Musée dOrsay has a theater and sometimes organizes showings of old movies after closing time, you need a ticket to get in but its interesting to see.  Youve got the Musée de lOrangerie where you can see original Monet works. It is right next to the Grande Roue and its kind of amazing to see at night. (Paris at night in general is kind of amazing tbh). 
Youve got the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, next to the Louvre, which is where there was that Louis Vuitton exhibition.  Science wise my favs ever since Ive been little are the Cité des Sciences and the Palais de la Découverte, with lots of interactive exhibitions for visitors, its pretty interesting to discover. Next to the Cité des Sciences is a huge ass cinema with an amazing HD screen that almost fills up the entire room for a badass viewing experience (thats the sound sphere on the picture.) Theres also the Philarmonie de Paris (or Musée de la Musique) where they do classical concerts and the likes. In between all those is a huge park you can walk in. The Place de la République is nice to hang out at cause theres always something happening, be it a political rally or a skateboarding contest. Its a very important place for french people.  I like to go to the Parc Floral de Vincennes, which is big as fuck and very very pretty and nice to be at if the suns shining. Theres a lake and flowers and lots of quiet places to sit at with friends or alone, i just love it a lot.  I also go often to the Jardin des Plantes, where you can visit the Grande Serre and the gardens themselves and see lots of badass plants. Right next to that is the Grande Galerie de lEvolution which is a fav spot to draw. Lots of stuffed animals, sound and light effects that scare the shit out of fascinated kids. I love to go there and draw animals, its very good practice. And if I feel like drawing skulls I go to the National History Museum which is again in the same place.  Bar and nightclubs wise I dont know much. Theres, if youve got that kind of money, the VIP room which is pretty otherworldly. Theres a nice shot bar next to Chatelet les Halles which has got a dancefloor and they do some pretty nice cocktails.  Theres also a ton of bars next to Pigalles (the Moulin Rouge) and theyre all great ! Like for examples the Bar à Bulles or the Lulu White bar at which there are jazz concerts weekly.  Chatelet les Halles is a commercial center with lots of places to go shopping as well as quiet library and a cinema. Cinema wise there arent much that show movies in vo but theres this one, the MK2 next to the Bibliothèque François Mitterand (which is a well of knowledge and I loved going there to study), and two cheaper ones, Quais de Seine and Quai de Loire.  Theres an English shop next to République which I love to go to because they sell Cadburry chocolate and its so gooooood. The MK2 cinema at the Bibliothèque François Mitterand also sells a lot of foreign candies and movie merch, so thats a nice spot to be in.  Thats all I can think of for now ! I hope you enjoy your stay in Paris ! 😀 

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